The Belgorod Hydromechanical Plant manufactures a wide range of PC pumps with increased strength and reliability for pumping liquids during mining and mineral processing. All equipment is adapted for intensive operation in the severest conditions. Especially for the use in hazardous environments, the explosion-proof equipment is provided. A wide variety of materials used, and protective coatings allow pumping fluids with high corrosion properties and abrasive content, while maintaining the given performance. The equipment is used for pumping fluids with viscosity up to 5 million mPa * s (... cSt), with the content of mechanical inclusions (particles): solid - from 3 up to 50 mm, soft - from 6 up to 74 mm.

Application in Mining
• Pumping clean water or water with solid inclusions from the sump mine well
• Pumping sludge and water of any composition
• Depressing the groundwater level on the bottom of a well with SP-V series pumps
• Pumping rainwater from the bottom of the excavation pit
• Lime sludge pumping

Possibility to solve non-standard tasks with the mobile version of SP series PC pumps
• Activities related to loading / unloading of tank trucks and reservoirs
• Possibility to install PC pumps directly on special equipment

Application in Mineral Processing
• Removing sludge from the emergency collector
• Pumping of aggressive liquids / pulps
• Removing filtrates from dumps
• Solvent extraction
• Dosing of reagents
• Pumping of carbon paste and coal water

Benefits of BGMZ Pumping Units
• Lower price vs. imported analogs
• Long inter-maintenance period of the main operating units
• Low cost of spare parts
• Maintenance performed only by special service representatives of the manufacturer is not required
• Low power consumption
• Relatively low rate of pumping fluid increases the durability of the flow part
• High suction capacity
• Operation under any inclination